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MCV75 - Gathering at Kelab Shah Alam - Mar 6, 2004

Zamri - Relieved after Nazalan's driving
Adris - Calculating the number of his victims of circumcision
Ali B - Contemplating having Manan as father-in-law
Ali E-After Manan turned down his offer to be son-in-law
Amir I-Matching shirt and hair
Amir H-Happy after hunting down Langkawi lembus
Azlan-Still aspires to be a male model
Azman H-A man of many thoughts
Azman Y-Still thinking?
Baha A-The Smoking Imam
Baharin-Doesn't want to be a male model
Ghazali-Contructs highways to his house himself?
Hakim - Jealous of Khairil
Halim-Purposely did not bring sister, Misha
Hamdan I-Nicely settled!
Hamzan-After the fall of the USSR, still Chairman of KGB!
Hashim I-An Impostor!!
Hashim S-Definitely the alternative real thing!
Ibrahim K-Eja/Abby/Liza for the Night!
Ibrahim M-Still comparing who got the better sister with Ikram
Ikmal-Hid from Manan-even changed clothes!
Isa-Proportionate expansion
Ismail Z-Nice to eat at other Clubs instead of Kinrara
Jamal-Happy! Happy! Happy!
Kamal-Maintained composure
Kdin-Being dragged by Manan
Khairil-Achieved previous fantasy, have new twin fancies now
Mahmud-The Nik Aziz look except for beard, hairstyle etc..
Manan-The Macho Me from Mache looking for S-I-Laws
Marizan-Thinks he's posing for Animal Planet
Mazlan A-Sobre and Sombre as usual
Mazlan M-Campaigned for Ghazali-New contracts coming?
Md Noh-Dr No. James Bond was missing
Nazalan-Procreation metrics expert
Nizar-You'll be happy too if your surbondinates are like his
Razif A-Wants to grow old prematurely
Razif I-Doesn't want to grow old prematurely
Rondo-Contented look. Why???
Salim-Tried to look imposing here but we know better
Salleh F-Needs to hold a number plaque to complete image
Samad-the Brave and Gallant
Shukri-Photograph to be used for election poster
Sudirman-Scared to be photographed-evidence? past experience?
Tapa-2005 OBWeekend, Tapa will provide heli-ferry
Uzir-Competing with Mane for macho image
W Rahimi-Laughing at Zainal's hair
Zainal-Laughing at Zainul's hair
Zainul-Traded hair for more face
Zakaria-Worried of his multiple tracks?
Zamani-To Zul Y: "I'm a lawyer! Sue me if you dare!"
Zul Y-To Zamani:"I have lawyers with my teh tarik"
Zul H-A little grayer, a little fairer
The Mystery Man
This collection of Mug Shots was taken during the MCV75 get-together at Kelab Shah Alam on March 6, 2004. I believe I took the photograph of everybody that attended except of myself - it is quite difficult to take your own shots unless you are Vijay, a MAS Cabin Crew, a lawyer or a businessman. Therefore, I included a previous photograph of myself.

If I could say so myself, most of the photos turned out very well, considering the models that I had to work with. I make no apologies for the images published as the original images are all God-given.

Some of you might consider yourselves photogenic but remember, an accurate but alternative definition of photogenic is that " you look worse in real life".

I am not releasing the group photographs as they did not pass quality control. Most of the group shots had too many hanging shirts or floating teeth. One had a very good image of a table and cameras that were on it.

Enjoy what you can!

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